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🧘 Meditation Teacher, 🕯 Spiritual GodMother, 🔮 Oracle & Seer ☕️ Human Design 2-6 Reflector and a Canadian. 🇨🇦. ✳️ Moderator Fabulous Podcast Guest I teach Intentional Meditation and assist clients in developing a regular practice. Those meditations are typically on Tuesday evenings with a 1 hr hard timeline. Neuro Emotional Release Practitioner. I do offer mini NER session for a love offering at least once a month. To give a love offering you will find the link in my link tree on Instagram. If it is a reading you want I work directly with your Spirit Guides to bring your their messages to assist you in fulfilling your life purpose. I also believe in Spiritual Tithing if you receive benefit from any of my sessions and feel moved to make a love offering follow the link in my Insta profile. My Club Tea & Transformation has regular rooms on Tuesday at 6:30 PTD & Thursday at 6 pm PDT.🔮 Bring along your favorite beverage and join the kitchen table for an interesting evening. If you want to receive notifications about the club please join me in the Club Tea & Transformation Tea & Transformation (Alex) offers in class or 1:1 sessions In BC Canada 🇨🇦 🕯🔮 Seer Oracle & Spiritual Godmother As a Podcast guest I am available for interviews on any of the following topics. 🍃Mindset Educator 🧘‍♀️Meditation Teacher 🍃Laws of Attraction Educator 🏹Shifting workplace energy 🕯Soul work and spiritual hacking 🍃A Course In Miracles Teacher 🏠Housing advocate in BC Canada ———— Certifications ————- NLP Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Neuro Emotional Therapist Pipe Carrier & Sweat Leader 🇨🇦LBGTQ2+ and Poly Friendly🌈 🎤Awesome Podcast Guest ————Topics I can speak to——— 🕯Transformation: how it works and how to make it happen 🧘Feminine energy is changing the world 🧶💘Reinvent Yourself in the second phase of your life 🍃How does changing your mindset happen 🧶💘Healing Trauma from Emotional Trauma, Breakup’s & Betrayals 🧶💘Happily Ever After: 8 weeks to your perfect partner 🕯The Course in Miracles Always caring and direct Owner of two horses 🏇🏻two dogs 🐶and one 🐱 If you want to book a private session with me or have a more in-depth reading contact me on IG. If I have helped you in any way here on CH and you feel moved to contribute my “hay for the horses” fund you can do that with the following link. Contact me on IG or via email at [email protected]