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Alex Gullen




"When a star has burnt up all of its combustible substance (hydrogen) it goes out. What remains is no longer supported by the heat of the combustion and collapses under its own weight, to a point where it bends space to such a degree that it plummets into an actual hole." Carlo Rovelli "Earth’s carbon cycle is a loop between photosynthesis, which converts CO2 to organic carbon, and respiration, which converts organic carbon back to CO2 . Unlike linear oscillations, the amplitude or size of a limit cycle is independent of the initial condition. Trajectories originating inside the limit cycle grow outward, whereas trajectories originating outside move inward. The resulting amplitude is therefore a property of the system itself rather than its perturbation. The magnitude of a carbon cycle’s disruption is determined not by the strength of the cycle’s perturbation but rather by the intrinsic dynamics of the system itself." Daniel Rothman Phase transitions, nerve endings firing and the carbon cycle are limiting thresholds. Discreet and bounded. Lights on, lights off. When stars collapse into their own hole, a steady conversion of quantum vacuum fluctuations into pairs of particles occurs. One evaporates at infinity, the other remains trapped inside the horizon. Still not the end of the matter [Stephen Hawking]. Cosmogony and geometry are intrinsically interlinked, one begets and defines the other and vice versa. The process dictates the contents and vice versa. Swimming within low entropy puddles is chirality. A smooth-like, spherical manifold racing outwards to its unbounded edges, where small is big and compactification presides. The Square Limit, except not in the 2D. The so-called heat death of the universe at maximum entropy. But, rather than the conformal cyclic cosmology of Sir Roger or indeed even a bounce driving the shift from one aeon to the next, the coin just flipped, the wheel inverted, and the hourglass tipped. Unbounded sphericalness, somehow turned in on itself through the so-called point of singularity where the repulsive flywheel is charged once more for the cycle to repeat. Never-ending, infinitely repeating, somehow showing frictionless tribology and self sustaining. No beginning, no end. Universal unboundedness. Or not ;-) Just a curious traveler, scouting around. Riding the wave of a recursive loop.