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Alex Granados




Advertising creative (Copywriter and illustrator). Masters in UX. Passionate of all things about creativity and now all in Cryptoart/NFT. Creativity is a superpower. Check out my drops. Links in my Instagram /Twitter Bio. I speak English ,Spanish and Portuguese. Currently learning German, French and Italian. Let me know if you are into language exchanges. Proud MexiCool (🇲🇽+🇨🇴). @alexgranados in BitClout 💎 CH Clubs I run: Creative Shots 🍺 Criptoarte 🖼 🇨🇴 Taco Club 🌮 Diseño e innovación ♿️🧑‍💻 Rooms I moderate: The F factor of learning a language (In English and Spanish) Saturday 11am EST/COL 10am CEN/MEX Creative Shots 🍺 Wednesday (En español) 10pm ARG 8pm COL/EST 7pm MX/CEN Poemas en Francés y en Español📝 (In Spanish & French) Monday 9:15pm ARG 7:15pm COL/EST 6:15pm MX/CEN Mala lengua : Palabras peligrosas que te meten en líos!!!👅 (En Español) Tuesday 1:30pm COL/EST 2:30pm MEX/CEN Innovación y diseño con accesibilidad ♿️🧑‍💻(En Español) Monday 6:00pm COL/EST 7:00pm MEX/CEN