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Alexander Ermenkov



friends 📍Co-Owner Pharmacons 🇧🇬 Bulgaria. 🏡Real Estate Landlord and Prorety Developer and Property Investor 🇧🇬🇩🇴🇬🇷 🏥Healthcare Pharmaceutical Generic industry specialists 💰 Wealth management and Wealth creation 🤑My biggest ROI: Investing more than 20k USD in Personal Development, Transforming myself, Reprogramming my mind and Raising my Consciousness I’m interested in 🚪Real estate business development 🏥 Healthcare 🤷‍♂️Personal development 📈Growth and 👏Contribution 🧠Raising Global Consciousness ✝️ Faith Loving to know and have relationship with my lord and savior Who Is Who Was and Is to come 🥰 Inspirations: Nothing to Defend, Nothing to Conquer. To be an Example and Open invitation. 😇 Passion: To Raise the Significance of Others You can reach me with your value at 📨 [email protected] Linked In: Alex Ermenkov Mobile WatsUp +359882450507 🇬🇷 Greece 4 houses for rental in Halkidiki Greece