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Alex Stemplewski




👊 19M followers on TikTok @alex.stemp 📸 Photographer & Videographer ✅ Viral Content + Social Media Growth Expert 🌴 Los Angeles Based ⭐️ I grew 10 million followers in 8 months on TikTok. Featured on Business Insider, Insider, Health Magazine, LA Times. Creator of the “taking pictures of strangers” trend. Yes, I’m the guy. Shaped and shifted culture by introducing stranger-based viral content onto TikTok in 2019. 🤓 UCSB graduate in Statistics & Probability and former Insurance Actuary, ACAS. Data analytics give me a huge edge in social media growth. <- My Lightroom presets My socials: TikTok: @alex.stemp 19M Instagram: @alexanderthegreat 1.3M YouTube: /AlexStemplewski 71k FaceBook: /alex.stemp.fb 170k Snapchat: @alex.stemp 53k Snapchat (“Strangers” Syndicated Show): 640k 🤌 My social media content strategy for 2021: - Create short form video content - Post it on TikTok, Reels, Shorts, Spotlight - Compile them into 3 minute compilations and post on YouTube and Facebook HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR TIKTOK VIDEOS WITHOUT THE WATERMARK: - Go to settings on TikTok - Click Privacy - Click “Personalization & Data” - Click “Download your data” - Click “Request Data File” (.txt file) - ⏰ You must wait 2-3 days for the file to become available - Go back to the “Download your data” section and click the download button - You now have the TikTok data file HOW TO USE THE TIKTOK DATA FILE TO GET YOUR VIDEOS: - Unzip the TikTok Data File - Go to the videos folder and find the .txt file called “videos” - Download a Google Chrome extension called Simple Mass Downloader - Upload the Videos.txt file into Simple Mass Downloader and download all your videos at a single click ⬇️⬇️Follow my new social media tips IG page ⬇️⬇️