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Alessandra Torresani




📺 ACTRESS 🤖 CYLON 🤡 SUPER VILLAIN 🎙 Host of EmotionAL Support Podcast🧠 •A funny, revealing podcast about mental health providing a stigma-free space. ♣️ FOUNDER of EmotionAL Support CLUB(house) -authentic stories, connections, and laughs 💚 Ambassador: NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness MINDS Foundation spaceMVMNT •Mental Health Advocate 🧠 •Worldwide Public Speaker •Speaking openly about living with Bipolar Disorder. 🐶 DOG MOM to Pee Wee Herman & Dottie 🐶 ✌️❤️🎧 Howard Stern SUPERFAN 🎧✌️❤️ 💌 DM or Email: Collaborations Podcast Bookings [email protected] @EmotionALSupportPod BitClout: AlessandraTorresani 🕹 ✨ May The Force Be With You ✨