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Albert Higgins PHD CFP




“ One thing I’ve learned in business is that people lie but numbers don’t “. “I specialize in low cost ( no insurance needed) virtual incremental therapy for Black Men and Women “. “I help people help themselves “. “Your therapist favorite therapist” ! Visit Me: 🔥 ENFJ-A - ENFJs are often described as charismatic, warm, and inspiring individuals who are natural leaders. They are adept at understanding and connecting with others, and they often excel in careers that involve helping people or making a positive impact on society. The mind is your greatest asset and it is crucial to your success in any aspect of your life, personal and professional. I believe you are not an entrepreneur until you hire your first employee...The C.E.O.! As a Behavioral Specialist of 15 years, Behavioral health is critical,and I’m here to help you overcome those mental challenges that we all face everyday! I am here to help you with conflict resolution and coping skills when it comes to everyday challenges we face day to day. I am also qualified in the area of Finance and Consumer advocacy, as well as a financial advisor. One key aspect is there is truly a difference between being self employed and being a business owner. One of the most important factors in my business model is limited liability in light of accumulating assets and asset protection. This is further promoted by applying a financial mindset. Whether we believe it or not, thought work is a powerful force in creating success. I believe in helping my clients become self-sufficient, self actualized by obtaining and maintaining basic needs on all levels and what makes this unique is the ability to relate to oneself and his or her potential, as well as being able to master key leadership and influence skills. This is much more than just business it is a lifestyle! 📿 Meditation Practitioner 📿 Mystic 📿 Cooking gives me Zen 📿 Traditional African Spiritual Practitioner ♣️ PHD Sociology ♣️ DDS Doctorate of Divinity ♣️ Cognitive Behavioral Therapist ♣️ Certified Life Coach ♣️ Certified NLP Practitioner ♣️ Certified Financial Planner ♣️ PHD of Metaphysics