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Alana Joy




⚡️Can’t kill my vibe, it’s immortal.⚡️ Bullish: bitcoin only. Get off zero to get free. Be open minded, but not so much your 🧠 falls out. 🐦 @alanajoy on the bird site, though I’m not spending as much time there lately. Find me on nostr: npub14xu4ykvj5jr2594nc8fln5mqf09q3u7ptdcj6ur3rwdwekxrm3zq86428l Be openminded but not so much your 🧠 falls out. VP Marketing, Growth Strategy, Comms at Noones. Founder & Principal Can’t kill my vibe it’s immortal. “If the opponent does not move, then I do not move. At the opponent’s slightest move, I move first.” - Wu Yu-hsiang, 19th Century Chinese sage