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Alexandros Koronakis




🧬 100% human 🧬 🤖 (At least) I think (so), therefore I am (or I must be, right?)🤖 ⭐️Trying to improve our world, one day at a time⭐️ 🌐 Ex Executive Director, Int’l External & Regulatory Affairs @AT&T / and @WarnerMedia while it was owned by AT&T 🌐 🇪🇺 Brussels-based / Greek 🇬🇷 🐶Pugs Not Drugs (seriously pugs rock) 😼 Have a diabolical cat (seeking help) Into 🖼 NFTs 🧠 Neuroscience/Behavioural Psy 📷 Photography 📈 Investments ⛓ Blockchain 🖋 Media/Journalism ⛵️ Sailing 🏃‍♂️ Running🏅 More about me: 📣 At @AT&T I directed and coordinated government affairs for AT&T business units, including WarnerMedia (Warner Bros., Turner, HBO, and CNN) and AT&T Communications, in the EU (focusing on Southern Europe) and the Balkans 📣 🗞 Ex @New_Europe Chief 🗞 Spent 20 years championing accountability with a keyboard, a press badge, and unending determination🛡 🌍 @OurWorldMag Founder 🌎 Where over 600 of the world’s leading minds have come together to share their ideas and help shape the future of our societies 👫 🇬🇷 12 Heures pour la Grèce team 🇬🇷 where a small team of volunteers comes together for an annual philanthropic activity which has seen more than 500K Euro raised for charity, those in needs, and projects that help drive Greece forward 🏆 🎓 Cognitive & Decision Sci MSc @ UCL 🎓 Political Strat & Comms MA@ Kent 🎓 Communication Studies BA @ VeCo 🎓 Campion School Athens ➡️ Also @akoronakis on FB/LI etc ⚠️⛔️Opinions expressed in clubhouse are my own. Participation in rooms or groups is not an endorsement of content, opinions, or policy positions shared within these ⛔️⚠️