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🌵Visual artist in PHX, Arizona 3D ART PHOTO VIDEO DESIGN & other creative things // 💝 🌈✨🎨🦾🎥📸 Audio Visual Cult / METAPOSTERS / PIXIE SKATEBOARDS / DOOM DIVISION / SNAPPR / HTTPXX / TME / NO LIMIT FOREVER RECORDS & more Music Videos to Products/ideas.. visual pieces anything you can think of I can make for you and have done so for and with many companies and people ☺️ // Jslugg500 - Spookikage - Mobilesuit - Henny Graves - Rotten Numan - Ace B - BlaqNMild - Moeroy - Romeo - No Limit Boys - Master P & more AVCULT PHOTO ARCHIVE 10k PHOTOS COLLECTION ON OPENSEA (7% up) 🤟🏽😤DOOMPUNKS NFT 🌚🏜Phoenix🏴AVCULT working in illustrator photoshop procreate cinema 4d octane premiere after effects rhino spark ar oculus Vr gravity sketch z-brush substance painter lumen resolume any ai crypto art NFT & whatever I can get my hands on👨🏽‍💻 artwork available on OpenSea zora foundation rarible know origin and more //