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Aja Yasir




🍎Author of Medicine Keepers: Herbs, Healing and Pig Tales. 🪶Medicine knowledge passed through story telling 🍎 Certified in Cob Construction (natural building) 🍎Farm Space Curator 🌸Host of Abundant Living and Gardening Podcast 🌽 Co-host/Co-producer of Hot Almighty: American Harvest, The Podcast about Northeastern and Southeastern American Indian Foodways Holistic Agriculturist (Regenerative Agriculture, Wildlife Habitat Maker, Soil Builder, Intense Biodiversity Grower), Author, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mommy of Free Children I am NOT a permaculturalist. I farm in the ways that were passed down to me from generations of earth care. Farming is ancestor work. Mollison and Holmgren don’t get credit for my ancestors’ knowledge. Join my Patreon to get behind scenes bi-weekly updates of how I’m turning part of our acreage in Mississippi to an event space and food forest! I ♥️ Terroir Founder of Reclaiming Our Medicine™️ 🌹 No one should be denied medicine 🌱 🍄 or economic opportunities. Mississippian Earth Worker🪶🐢 Haklo Pisa Sia 🔴⚫️💛🤍Chahta anumpuli li🤍💛❤️⚫️ Language revitalization is spiritual work. Features- 📻 NPR 📺 PBS 📰 Chicago Tribune 📰 Rolling Out Magazine 📰 Food Tank 📰 The Guardian 📻 219Green Connect Other happenings 🌺Founded 1st English school for Children in Barlovento, Venezuela 🌺Taught at one of the grassroots universities launched by President Hugo Chavez 🌺Taught Finance/Investing/Entrepreneurship to people coming out of the prison system in 🇺🇸 Pro-mental health Facing trauma and dealing with it 🇺🇸