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👉🏻 Holistic therapy for🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🖤 ✨Children, young people & Adult with Special Educational Needs & Disability. (SEND) ♿️♾🌱 🗣 your voice matters podcast coming soon (SEND)🎙♿️♾🌱🧸☕️ 🌐 ✨Autism, Down’s Syndrome, ADHD, Anxiety, sleep, SPD, Phobia (Neurodiversity ) ✨Founder of Achievable Journey. We empower all walks of SEND, disability, neurodiversity and mental health to become emotional aware & intelligent. Taking control & understanding of their emotions, Behaviour which empower them to make the changes. 🗣Having a voice, SEND Voice Matter. ✨service provider for 🧸Parent, 💡professional ✨1:1 session, ✨group session. ✨works shops & training ❤️All behaviour is a communication🧠 ✨About me: 📍🇬🇧 20+ years experience working with SEND. ✨ dyslexic, Autistic & ADHD 💡I struggled with my emotion, & had lots of emotional outburst. Becoming emotional aware, & intelligence help me understand my emotions. ⛔️ ALL OF My advice is from my experience & perspective. ⛔️no professional/ therapy advice is giving. 💕 interest 🙌🏻 human behaviour. 🏆 Sports 🎞movies, cartoon ❤️ honest, authenticity, support. 💥fun, 😂laughter, joy ✨In my therapeutic work I used several modalities: 🧠master practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming 😊level 3 Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner 🧘‍♂️ Matrix Re-Imprinting 🧘‍♀️Hypnotheraphy & solution focus psychotherapy. ( DipHipPsych) 👍 Positive Behaviour Intervention 👉 Team teach Intermediate trainer. ✍️ Drawing and Talking Practitioner. 🧠 Happy Brain Coach ❤️ incredibly passionate about helping people & have first-hand experience in the tangible difference that the techniques I specialise in can make a positive impact in your life & the life of your family. 👉🏻we focus our work around supporting the family & client as a whole with holistic approach by giving everyone the appropriate tools to best support themselves & each other. we can help you to deal with challenging behaviour, stress, transitioning etc. ✨Working with Achievable Journey will make a tangible difference to the life of you & your family. 👋 see my clubs and houses below that am founder iff, admin and help moderates on. 🌱 looking to connect. chat, co mod, collaborating, learn, Spread awarness, knowledge building a community and Acceptance for all emotion above. 🌐 want to know more. Contact me