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Aimee W. Hart




Listener and Supporter Sharing Essential Oils for Abundance in Life - better health or more joy & happiness…PM and let me show you the way…🕊 🍄 coming through life trauma 🍀 growing into peace ✌🏻Looking to Learn, Grow & Get out of My way & Mentor Natural Health 🚼 Former Preschool Teacher 🥰Empath Mother of 2 📚Member HRAEE ♻️ Former Virginia Recycling Coordinator 💡 interested in sharing the Truth about Plastics 🐝 Member Va JCI 🍋Lemon Dropper 🥊Ready to jump in and help others - ☀️Boon Boon Tui: I am because you are🔥 💻 Have a handful of .Com Domains for sale... Want to Grow and share: DM mailing address for a free sample of life support essential oils... Make sure to let me know What is Bothering You! TikTok: @abundancewithaimee