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Amy Howard




A Creator. Visual Artist. Intuitive Designer. Playing With Creative Intelligence through Wise Innocence. Vision to See What Is + What Is Not Yet Realized. To Open To + Understand A New Perspective, A New Potential, A New Possibility + The Gift Of Gestation, Allowing The Pause, Time To Sit With + Contemplate And Ultimately Birth The New. Here To Bring Beauty To The World, To Experience Heaven On Earth, To Explore The Universe Within + Without Together With You. ✨🟡✨ 4/6 Projector Right Angle Cross of Explanation 43/23 | 4/49 Purpose: 49.6 Radiance: 4.6 Evolution: 23.4 Life’s Work: 43.4 IQ: 43.6 EQ: 44.5 SQ: 31.1 Vocation: 64.2 Culture: 63.5 Pearl: 37.3 Bringing Visions To Life + Light.