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founder @afuturemodern, the counterculture co-op 👩🏿‍💻🛠🎨🧮🎶⚛️ Igbo Black american 🇳🇬 caltech econ / cs '14 🎓 value engineer 🤑🧧 operations research, cryptoeconomics, computational social systems 📈🤖🕸 ex-first data scientist @ Bird Rides 🛴 about future modern: 🏹 vision: a world where ideas are owned by and benefit the independent communities they come from, not external powers 🪖 mission: empower and enrich undervalued communities through people-powered systems and solidarity 🎖code of honor: curious. decolonial. collaborative - gathering w humility. enterprising - constantly seeking added value. 🧱 our culture token $bu1dl offers alpha through an investment engine into undervalued artists. holding the token grants access to live url + irl events and exclusive experiences with the most culturally significant underground music artists. $bu1dl doubles as a decentralized creative strategy firm and resource community, where we earn to learn together about the music and art underground / subculture, crypto democracy, fair ai, cooperative economics, and the connected fate of it all, toward collectively taking advantage of the opportunities of the future. join our token-gated community gathering on discord: instructions on how to unlock our hidden content at the link. 🤑 8/5 on KnownOrigin we're auctioning the original copyrighted design behind the 🤑 emoji as an nft. yep. before the 🤑 or any emojis, our very own Under the Bottom (UTB) Lifestyle originated the design as the logo their lifestyle brand. since 2007, UTB has inspired a cult influence through music and fashion culture, partnering with everyone fron Wiz Khalifa to Diddy. years later, it's a universally recognized symbol, transmitted on billions of devices daily - which the smartphone companies never compensated UTB for. but through nfts, only one can own the original design from its authentic creators. it's time for underground artists turn the tables on mass media industry, david v goliath style ☄️. important moment for leveraging this space to recognizing originators, especially Black ones pre / outside crypto! please like, retweet, and comment your thoughts and feelings to support! they say nfts are about community and culture. let's make them put their money where their mouth is 🤑! stay connected: