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Adryenn Ashley




Founder of Slay Ventures TV Host - Minting the Future - globally broadcast transmedia omnipresent broadcast show! 🖤 Download my crypto wallet security worksheet at!!! 🎙NFT OG (designed 2015). 🦠🔬Data Scientist. 🎉 Artist/Author. 🎥 Filmmaker. 📺 TV Host/Producer. 👾Blockchain Founder. 🕺Influencer. Launching Badass Founders!🇺🇸 🗣 Pronounced like Yo! Adrian! In Rocky! 💁‍♀️ Voted #1 Female Influencer in Blockchain 🦄 Co-Founder CryptoVixens nonprofit inspiring women to join blockchain projects as co-founders or advisors regardless of tech expertise 🎥 Award Winning Film Producer 🎩 Named one of the Top 45 over 45, award-winning tech entrepreneur 💰 Founder of Slay Ventures 📺 TV host - Produced Nationally Broadcast TV Talk Show 📊 Small Biz Reputation Expert - Founded in 2008 Results like… * Launched crowdfunded nationally broadcast Saturday morning talk show from idea to 90M households in 4 months. * Generating 1 Million Comments & 267,000 clicks in 1 month resulting in thousands of sales… * Creating a global conversation with 110 Million people shared 1.49 million times… * Generating 24,000 leads in 3 days… * Generating 60 million video views in one month… * Increasing clients Yelp ranking from 2.3 to 4.9 * Page one of Google in less than one week * Selling $28,000 in products in just 90 minutes… I Mentor badass game changing Entrepreneurs & Startups expanding their influence to take their message global. I can help you launch, whether bootstrapped startups or venture backed ventures! Full Bio: As a mentor to startups worldwide, she uses her well-honed techniques to transform basic NFT’s into investible assets that build community. 😎 In addition, her work teaching family offices and hedge funds the art of due diligence in blockchain projects has made her the go-to expert with investors. 🤩 As a best selling author, her upcoming book, Minting the Future, focuses on the perils, pitfalls and vast potential of NFTs to build community and drive mainstream adoption of blockchain. 🤓 She advises a dozen blockchain companies and has helped organize several successful ICO’s. 🥳 Her latest award-winning venture, dating app SmartDates solves the #MeToo epidemic by logging content on the blockchain, giving women the safety, security, and certainty to say yes. 🤪 Join CrytpoVixens and Blockchain Music Awards Clubs for NFT gems.