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Adrian Herzkovich




Executive Coach • Personal Branding • LinkedIn Trainer • New Digital Skills Instructor • Reinvention Expert 👊 I am the Executive Coach of Experts, Leaders, CEOs, C-Level, and Professionals who are 40+ and want to boost their Personal Brand, learn new Digital Skills, and reinvent themselves to be 100% competitive! 🤩 I am the founder of 40+ League: The First League of Experts, Leaders, CEOs, C-Level, and Professionals who are 40+ and want to reinvent themselves 🙌 In 40+ League we seek to benefit from our years of experience, enhance our talent, acquire new skills, achieve new opportunities, grow our network, get out of our comfort zone, and change our mindset 💪 Our goal is to unite all of us in one place to accelerate our reinvention. Our mantra is "Never Stop Learning." We follow it every single day. By doing so, we become relevant, and we increase our competitiveness 😉 As a Senior Media Executive, I count with over 25 years of corporate experience in international multi-media, sports, esports, entertainment, digital & mobile industries 👨‍💼 I have a strong academic background with two degrees, two masters, and many postgraduate studies. I am a "Never Stop Learning" advocate, and I study for 2 hours every day. By doing this, I gain knowledge and competitiveness that I share with my clients and network 🤓 I am proud to be a knowmad: someone who can work with anybody, anytime, and anywhere 👨‍💻 A global citizen 🌎 born in Buenos Aires 🇦🇷, then living in Amsterdam 🇳🇱, and now based in Madrid 🇪🇸 Y en español 👇 Soy el Executive & Reinvention Coach de Líderes Globales, Presidentes, CEOs, Empresarios, Directores Ejecutivos, Board Members, Ejecutivos C-Level, Fundadores y prestigiosos Profesionales, que buscan fortalecer su marca personal, ganar autoridad, adquirir habilidades digitales, mejorar su productividad, convertirse en referentes y crear su propia audiencia. O dicho de otro modo: REINVENTARSE 🙌 Me enorgullece ser el creador 40+ League: la Exclusiva Liga de Reinvención para Líderes, CEOs, Directivos, Ejecutivos y Profesionales mayores de 40 años 👊 Let’s connect 🤝 📌 📌