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Adrian Dray




Data Protection and Privacy Expert for UK Dentists Experienced Data Protection Officer for 600+ dental practices (Corporate & Independents) The Consultant for some of the UK’s highest profile dentists and practices. I help Dental Professionals avoid: 😟 Unnecessary stress 😳 Reputation damage 😩 Regulatory investigations 🤬 Excessive legal fees 😖 Criminal prosecution By giving you a level of knowledge that meets your level of responsibility. Industry leading training to support you with: 📌 Data breaches 📌 Complaints 📌 Regulatory data protection investigations (ICO, CQC, NHS, GDC) 📌 Data breach / privacy compensation claims 📌 Complex information right requests 📌 Data sharing issues 📌 Dental specific data protection risks DM me if you want to: ✅ Join my expert support retainer service. (Affordable expert and insured advice) ✅ Data Protection Training for Practice Leaders (Virtual, CPD, NHS and ICO requirement)