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Dustin Wood




🦄Got sharp shit coming off my dome like a unicorn. 🖤☝🏻One of Dane Cook’s favorite comedians probably? 🎤Funny guy w/ rare condition. I refuse to focus on the negativity in my situation and instead shine in the positivity. Always looking to keep things positive and fun. 🙏🏻Grateful for my continued life and experiences. 🎤Living my comedy dreams now for years. Passed my audition @ Laughs Unlimited Sacramento. Performed at Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club, Chadwicks Oregon, LA Comedy Club, Stratosphere Vegas, Dirty @ 12:30 Vegas. Chico Comedy Festival. Finalist in Siskiyou Got Talent and Current finalist in Funniest Person In Oregon Comedy Competition. Host of Joker & Jester Comedy Tour The Movie available now on Amazon Prime. 🎙Correspondent on the weekly comedy podcast Me, Mikeself & I with Mike Betancourt. 🤼‍♂️Former professional wrestler that was trained by Brian Cage who is the current FTW Champion on AEW on TNT. 🎭Award Winning stage actor and Theater major. ✍🏻One Act Festival award winning writer. 📝Screenplay writer. 💥Massive pop culture nerd. 🦇Think Ben Affleck is the best Batman. Born & raised in Cali. Family in Boston so I just tell people I’m from Boston lol. 🧦Go Sox! Be Grateful. Be Positive. Be Here Now.