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Adam Hansen




Behavioral Innovationista/Author. Exploring the intersection of innovation and behavioral science. I want innovation to be joyous for all! ❤️❤️❤️ It’s everyone’s birthright! Innovation is my life. I’ve been doing it since 1989 and have been a part of Ideas To Go since 2001. _____________________________ Some highlights: 💡I’ve led over 400 Ideation & Concept Development projects. 📑 Best-selling author, Outsmart Your Instincts: How The Behavioral Innovation(TM) Approach Drives Your Company Forward. 😃 A passion for speaking, giving speeches at the UN, top innovation conferences. 🕺🏼 Member of the #RCUS Network of the Business Innovation Factory Summit. 💊📚 I’ve brought my innovation expertise to help great people innovate at the National HIV Clinicians’ Network and in educational causes in schools and prisons. Other stuff 🧠 Enjoying fully the neurodiverse journey (ADHD/ASD). 🎛 Integral Theory is one of my basic maps of the world. Ikigai is my compass. 🙏🏼 Seeker without portfolio. Love learning from wisdom traditions from around the world. 🎹 Play keys, a little guitar, bass, drums, trumpet. Try to sing adequately. Been in one band or another for much of the last 45 years. ALWAYS ready to jam! 🇪🇨 Pasé un tiempito en el Ecuador hace siglos. Todavía sé conjugar algunos verbos. 😲 I was present at the creation of Beal’s Law - “You can get along with anyone if you’ll spot them two character flaws.” Tug Beal’s comment hit me as heavens-parting insight. I am merely his messenger. ❤️ Love is the fundamental reality. 📍Bethlehem, PA, USA