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Adela Kohl




Mindset & Relationship Coach Join my club: Life Tuning Arena 🇩🇪 I support people in getting them to remember who they really are, what they want and how to get there. Because we all come to a point when we lose direction in life or lose ourselves in a relationship. As I dived into this world of personal growth, I realized that the people who are not living the way they could, are tortured by the idea that there is more to life, and that they don’t know where to start. So, I decided to use my previous experience and get trained as a coach in order to support the ones who are ready to start the process and live the life, they want for themselves. Adela -> Adélla 📍Lake of Constance, Germany 🇩🇪 📍Born in Transylvania, Romania I speak: Romanian, English, German and Spanish Things I love to talk about 🔺Psychology & Coaching 🔺Conscious and connected parenting 🔺Divorce doesn't mean a broken family 🔺Design relationships 🔺Self-love, healthy boundaries 🔺Women's sexuality, shame and guilt 🔺Heal yourself before you try to “fix” your children 🔺Breakthrough out of a breakdown Past ocupations: 👉Fremdsprachlichewirtschaftskorrespondentin (I know you are going to love to read this) 👉English Teacher 👉PR 👉Blog & Content specialist