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Adam Yasmin




emotional well-being coach & digital wellness educator We’re emotional beings with unique experiences & We’ve evolved beyond one-size-fits-all solutions What do you need? 5/1 Splenic Projector & INFP 👨‍👩‍👦Dad 🌊Founder of Wabi Sabi club 🗣hosting weekly rooms on digital wellness, tech, and tea — tap the 🛎 above to be notified about rooms Presently: 🗣 Emotional well-being coach + digital wellness 📴 🎧 Host of Wabi Sabi podcast 🎙 🌊 Facilitator of ‘Slow Tea’ 🍵 aka Gongfu Cha + Cha Dao ✨ Past Clients & Partners: Creative Mornings Citizens of Culture Upshot Bruce Lee Family Companies Strangeloop VFX Studios Techstars General Assembly Let’s brainstorm together…. How do we make space for our shifting emotional states amidst an ongoing global pandemic and an accelerating work/tech transformation? What does that change look like for individuals? Parents? Remote workers and distributed organizations? I coach individuals, couples, parents, remote teams, and distributed organizations. Let’s talk