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Current PTR - Mix Tape - watercolor, and hand drawn vector by self. Writer-Director-Producer-Prod. Designer-Podcaster-Artist-Musician-Vegan Chef-Entrepreneur- My default mode is positive. Mi abuela Hermina, gave me the gift of la vida fácil. When I was five she heard me complain about something being hard and told me how when she was five she was already driving the tractor by herself, plowing fields, working in them daily; and that nothing in my life would be as difficult as anything she had to deal with. My perspective shifted. Any time an obstacle arises, her voice rings in my brain. La vida fácil. My super power is being intrinsically motivated. 🎥 🎼 Previous band: Yes Sensei My electronic music: DMTease 🍽 Founder of Made in Potland First Award Winning Vegan Edible 🏆 Best Savory Edible: North West Cannabis Classic: 2015 🏆 Best Edible in Oregon State: Edibles Magazine 2016: Bakeons: medicated vegan bacon. Apache, A:shiwi, Mexican 🚫 As a writer, I’m always researching. My presence in rooms on CH is not an endorsement of the topics of those rooms or the people in them, as sometimes I am playing a fly on a wall to learn about other viewpoints for research purposes. $ 🐦@sleepdeprivd 🐦@DirectorAV IG @VarciaBrothersProd IG @Atom.Cloud