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Adam Hesch




**3 Ways I Can Contribute @ Bottom** Former: - Navy (SWO) - Defense Digital Service (PM) - Defense Innovation Unit (PM) - Syria Airlift Project (Comms/PR) - Facebook (Global Security) “Sufficiently advanced [technologies/leadership/relationships/ideas/experiences] are indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clarke, modified by yours truly “The problem with logic is that it kills off magic.” - Rory Sutherland (to be clear I’m not anti-logic) Professional stuff: Marketing 📈, PR 🗣, Comms 📱 & (Counter) Information Warfare 🧑🏻‍💻 @ Veriphix Industry Clients: Nike ✅, Edelman 💠, Starcom 💥 Government Clients: U.S. Air Force ✈️ We uncover the emotional triggers that drive the behaviors of any population, whether that behavior is buying more shoes or re-tweeting misinformation (or worse). Our technology has been used: - to highlight regional differences in ad campaign efficacy for a Fortune 100 company; - to uncover a re-defining of the concept of “green” in an Asian audience to more effectively amplify a PR campaign; - to better refine the impact of demographics on marketing by highlighting how different triggers impact individual demographics; - to show the quantitative impact of influence operations on U.S. elections. Case studies & White Paper available upon request at [email protected] - - Interests: attempts at authenticity, overcoming fear, carl jung, feminism, masculinity, vulnerability, integration, dance, play, orthodoxy, drones, heterodoxy, leadership, humanitarian tech, geopolitics, farsi. Also: listening > speaking (usually) imagination > knowledge (usually) creating > consuming (almost always) seeking disagreement > confirmation bias (As much as we can tolerate) - Specialties: AR (actual reality). decadent gustation - 3 ways I can contribute: CAREERS IN TECH: No MBA, no coding skills, went from Navy -> Facebook, many startup interviews & worked at 3 WEIGHT LOSS: Down 55 lbs, both macros & keto, happy to share lessons learned, am not religious about approaches MENTAL HEALTH: Tried a lot, found what works. Depression, anxiety, loneliness suck. Happy to share what I learned. Went pretty deep into CBT, EMDR, & Jungian work.