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Tony Caggiano




Tony Caggiano - The ADA Comply Guy Tony is A 30+ year veteran entrepreneur who has built and owned several businesses over the past 30 years. As a business owner and philanthropist, he is always looking for ways to give back and help those with a true need. Also known to many as The ADA Comply Guy, Tony now combines his passions for business and philanthropy to help communities grow stronger. He is educating businesses of all sizes on how to reach more customers and make more sales by helping them become ADA Compliant with an Accessible website by using his easy, simple, and affordable software. He also produces a weekly podcast, The Entrepreneurial Journey, based on his Facebook group of the same name. On his show, he talks to other Entrepreneurs about their Entrepreneurial Journey and the lessons learned and obstacles they overcame to find their path to success. With his Facebook group, he connects entrepreneurs with others of like mindsets together to help build communities of business owners that can help one another become successful on their own journey. 🔹Facebook: /Tony.ADAComplyGuy 🔹[email protected] 🔹