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Dana Kelly




*Jersey girl in the A* 2nd home is LA☀️ SAG Actor/Producer🎭🎬 I identify as 39, engage accordingly * SSD🧏🏽‍♀️* Beginners ASL🤟🏼SGI ☮️ *ESFP-A 🧠 High Functioning ADHDer💨 I don’t watch reality shows, CH is my trash TV🤷🏾‍♀️. I listen purely for entertainment purposes only. IF you happen to get me to speak on a stage (VERY RARE), don’t believe anything I say. I’d never divulge details of my actual life to you vultures…respectfully 😉 🐶Dog Mom 📈Accredited Investor ♐️Textbook Sagittarius 🌐BBB A+ Accredited Small Business Owner (10+ years) 🎓Certified LOA/Transformation Coach 💡Patented Inventor of Innovative Sanitary Product 🎤Momager of Genwunner 🚀creator of Pokè-Rage🔥 (@genwunnr) 💎Motto: “Things are always working out for me" -Abraham Hicks