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🇺🇸Ageless Goddess 🙌🏻, Feel Good Junkie 😍, Self Expansion Guide 🖐, Author 📕, Speaker 🎤 and Lover of Cats 🐈‍⬛ Ask for my Free Guide to help you Connect with your POWER ❤️ (and you’re gonna be surprised to find where it comes from!) DM me here ♣️🏠or DM me on IG 🍃 👉🏼 Join my FB Group: Women Over 50, It’s Time - and This Time It’s About YOU! where I share all my knowledge and experience around accessing your power to feel confident in all areas of life.❤️ 👉🏼Join my club: Confident Womens Club and let’s get to know each other in a room we co-mod together! Helping stuck, uninspired, bored women over 50 connect with their power, find new purpose and gain confidence 💪🏼 so they can stop worrying about “being enough” and start living life. I help you learn to: 💪🏼Take back your power 👉🏼Trust yourself 👉🏼Trust in your worth 👉🏼Trust the wisdom of your body 👉🏼Infuse your life with Optimism 👉🏼Open up to What IS possible Then, you set yourself free to embrace the rest of your life with excitement, optimism and strength. 😍 Mantra: Everything is always working out for me! 🤗😍❤️ My tool box for life: 🔧I am my #1 priority in life 🪓No more People Pleasing 🔩Intuitively take care of my body 🔨I love & accept myself 🔩We are ALL Creating / Manifesting our Realities 🪓Permission to Have, Be or Do Whatever at ANY Age 🔨Change Your Story, Change Your Life 🔩Anything is Possible 👉🏼 2x Over 50 Bikini 👙 Competitor Passionate about health, growth, optimism, epigenetics, and how powerful we all are!!! 💪🏼👊🏻🙌🏻 Human Design: Manifesting Generator 6/2 “I trust my gut!” Love love love meeting new people🙏, collaboration and making an impact. I believe if everyone learned to love ❤️ themselves - we could literally change the 🌎!!! Website: 📕Book: “This Time It’s About You!” A Journey from ‘No I Can’t’ to ‘Yes I Can!!” - On Amazon Work With Me: ☀️1:1 Coaching ☀️Power Group Coaching Instagram: itsabouttimebaby_julie Join my Facebook Group: Women Over 50, It’s Time and This Time It’s About YOU.