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Visual artist 🇮🇳 See my art @ 🔹Presence in conversations is ≠ endorsement.🔹 🔅Credo I live by : No experience, no knowledge ever goes waste.🔅 ⚫Black is the colour! Coffee, cola & ink⚫ Wanna talk about paper 📜, stationery, books 📚, science 🔬🔭, food and all facets of art ping me in. 🎨🖌 Artist 📷 Photographer 🖥 Graphic Designer 📚 Creator of books I run an art community ‘The Art Exchange Project’.  I also make artist stationery 📓📚under my brand Kagazi Ghoda. I exhibit my work in solo shows, curate group shows and hold art workshops. You can find my art video courses on To order exclusive sketchbooks and art journals check out my stationery brand here Join my art community here DM me for enquiries and collaboration. 🔻🔻🔻My Clubs🔻🔻🔻 💠The Art Exchange Project  💠BookTalkers Club