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I am a Bharathiya Spiritual Nationalist ( Jaymon Joseph) who wish to conserve the soul of our motherland bharatamba including the nature which is a holy land written in holy texts of semetic and non semetic religions .The concept of Nonviolence,tolerance,infinite,invisible God and omniGod ,Concern for poor and needy people,affinity and compassion for nature,religious tolerance,charity harmony ,Atheist ,and Respect to opposite was not imported to this soil but it was born in this great holy land .everyone has to find His or Her God by reading ,analysising and meditating different scriptures and holy texts of every religion ,not through his or her religion. It is possible if we go through broad angle instead of narrow mind .My concept of Almighty is that it is a formless God without any attributes which is explained by Adishankatyarchaya through Advaitham which is having similarities with spinox's god as explained by Great genius Albert Einstein who was a Atheist.if I correlate all this findings then parabrambha,Jehovah,Onkar, Allah,Holy Father and life is the same power which we have to find,feel,mediate and experience the truth but unfortunately due to selfishness,greedy,identity, lust struggle ,hate and Vengeance between humankind makes us failure to find the universal truth that our soul or energy and universal power is not dual but singular.