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Aadil Maniar




Gaming | Growth | Analytics | Sustainability Currently responsible for growth analytics at Actvision. Led analytics, growth, and go to market initiatives in mar tech and ad tech. Extensive experience with marketing and analytics orgs in Fortune 100 companies in Sustainability, Auto, Pharma, Retail, eComm, and Tech. Expert in digital, attribution, audience development, segmentation, and media optimization. Have worked in organizations of all types: non-profits, government, series A/B/C startups, and Fortune 100 companies. Interests: 🌍 Social Entrepreneurship 📲 Product Development 🤖 AI + ML + NLP + Empathy Analytics ❤️ Personalization & Privacy 🧠 Behavioral Economics & Psychology ⚖️ Ethics in Business 🛰 Space & Astrophysics 🎉 Human Behavior & Sociology 📍Los Angeles Hobbies: 🚴‍♂️ Biking ⛷ Skiing ✈️ Travel ChicagoBooth MBA + Berkeley Alum Connect with me here ⬇️ DM me here ⬇️