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🌟Celebrity Advisor. Advising areas⬇️ 💎Certified Life/Performance Coach. 💎Spiritual Advisor. 💎Manifest/Mindset Coach. 📍Chicago 👩🏾‍💻Active member in the community, helping to bring change for the better. 📆Book an intuitive reading or coaching session $xosylvialove As a Spiritual advisor I am very intuitive and can see things of the past, present and future that might not be clear to some. I can connect with passed love ones and help to develop a relationship after death. I also help with healing and removing blocks that make you feel stagnant. 🧘🏾‍♀️ Helping you bring out the best in you and manifest your desires by using my natural intuitive gifts, coaching training and my education in psychology. As a Performance coach you will: ✅Have a new mindset surrounding your desires. ✅Gain clarity on your purpose in life and/or desires. ✅Become actively productive in ways that work for you ✅Level up and advance in every area of your life. ✅Have a road map for success that you can always refer to.