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Actress/ Singer/ Activist based in Italy 🇮🇹 ‼️Il Giovedì CLUBHOUSE’s GOT TALENT ORE 21 con Ospiti d’eccezione. ‼️ 👇🏻✨SEGUITE il CLUB del talent lo trovate alla base del mio profilo in “Member of”✨👇🏻 Se sapete cantare/suonare venite a condividere il vostro talento con noi ✌🏻 When the pandemic ends I can go back to travel between NY, LA and London. Born with a congenital heart disease, I undergone 4 surgeries that saved my life, but also change my outside. I became an advocate for skin and body marks. It took me 15 years to accept my scars and love myself, so I’m here to help others get there as well. Writing a book about my story and the person that saved my life, taught me to dream big and never give up! CEO of Bagela4art Production ✨My new single will release next month!✨ I also teach 🇮🇹 Italian and 🇺🇸 English on TikTok @_kefali Share weekly cover on YouTube 👇🏻 KEFÀLI