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Claire Nnaedozie, PhD




MEng & PhD Chemical Engineering Process Technologist in the FMCG/CPG industry Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Passionate about STEM and STEM mentoring —————————————————————— Co-founder STEMUK Sessions club Co-host BLKSTEMUK club ♣️🏠 Rooms: ✳️ AskAPhD on Tuesdays @ 8:15 pm GMT+1 or BST ✳️ BLKSTEMUK Thursdays on Thursdays @ 8 pm GMT+1 or BST ✳️ STEMUK Sessions on Tuesdays @ 7 pm GMT+1 or BST —————————————————————— Follow the BLKSTEMUK & STEMUK Sessions 🇬🇧 clubs 📅 Click the 🔔 icon to be notified when I’m running a room —————————————————————— PhD & Post doc Research Areas: Food Powder Rehydration & Powder Processing Interested in partnering with business owners in FMCG/CPG/ Agricultural space 🌽🌾to implement new product manufacturing processes/ process technology. Interested in partnering, send a DM on Twitter or Instagram or contact me by email @ [email protected] —————————————————————— CH rooms interests: PhDs 🎓 STEM 🔬🧭⚙️🩺🎱 Education in the UK 🍏 FMCG/CPG research 🍣 Food Engineering TV shows 📺/podcasts 📻 All things Office US