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Erie Oonka 9Ether




Erie Ira Erahuron Oonkapookow I am a Wisdom Warrior, Poet Word-Worker, Spoken word nerd! Scribe walking with an Ancestral covering guided by the Ancient American spirit. Light worker with a soul force essence that is one with the All! I am 9Ether Oonkapookow of the Erie Cat Nation! Redemption based focus fuels my Soul! Of Ancient Amayaca blood line of priests... Ana' Kutani An'Oonk Aeri! Honor and Valor to all those who search from within to decode your Lineage Legacy to operated in Living Spiritual Trust! Estate Redemption Based Focus. Sacred Mission is to unveil HER! XI Most Ancient! 9Ether Erie Eternal! Lineage Trust! Bx New York Walk true talk hawk!! Honor your Lineage!