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⏰90-Minute School Day | Deschool Method | Homeschool Coach | Curriculum Writer | Neurodiverse Learners Thrive at Home ☀️ Incisive | Diplomatic | Efferevescent 🌱I help parents align: Personal strengths Time management Connection with child(ren) | Co-regulation Environments for Independence 🌱I remind parents of their identity: Child’s First Teacher Expert on their Child Child’s Champion + Advocate ⏰ The 90-Minute School Day Method is a recipe for parents to walk through the process of deschooling, preparing the environment for success, and how-to educate in 90 minutes (or less) a day! 🤝Interested in 1:1 or Group coaching? Our listening approach and targeted tools are designed to address the stagnant or burnt-out areas in your family. We will focus on your strengths and build a plan together to create more connection and limit the struggles. 📧 Stay in touch with me by joining my mailing list. No matter what platform we connected on, we can always engage on email! 🎒 ♣️🏠Room Schedule —————— 🔔 Follow and ring the bell by my profile to be notified of my rooms or when I am speaking. 🎙✳️ Tuesdays at 6 pm Eastern. ♣️Honey, I’m Homeschooling club. ———————————————— ✨EXPERTISE in natural learning, neurodiverse children, time management, productivity, leadership, integrity, education, connecting people, creating strong relationships, teaching, trauma informed parenting, and foster adoption. 🌎Helping parents and children discover how their talents meet the world’s needs. Wife | Homeschool Mama-of-3| Entrepreneur | Life-long Learner | Connector | Encourager 📍East Coast - USA 🇺🇸 📮DM on IG to collab or connect Want more info on homeschooling? Especially the 90-minute part? ✔️Follow me on Instagram ✔️Subscribe to newsletter for resources + tips: 🎒