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Greeting! Who is Jason Barajas? 🚀Mexican- Irish American ✳️ Stoic-Philosopher ✳️ Father of Three ⚓ US Navy Vet 📚 Reader 💡Thought Leader 💼 Legal Pro 🎙️ Podcast Host. 🎬 YouTuber 🧳 Traveler Now that you got through the short labels. Here is what I am here for on clubhouse. Discussions, thoughts, experience, and a place to develop. Develop? Yes, develop! 4 years on clubhouse I learned many things. Now as I am launching my brand and shows for : My Stoic Circus Man-To-Man Voices & Stories Sound Off Tune-In There are Houses, Podcasts, and YouTube s for each. I could go on explaining a lot but all I can say is get to know me. Join any of my houses. Ask questions …….. ……………