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Updated Bio: Businessman (Legal-Agriculture) Father of 3 amazing girls Philosopher / Stoic / Practical LIfe Podcast “Rise & Grind with 72thearchitect YouTube: 72thearchitect Favorite Books: The Four Agreements Feeling Good by David D Burns MD The Alchemist Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Tribe of Mentors by Timmothy Ferris The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday Ego is the Enemy Stillness is the Key The Obstacle is the Way Movies: Old movies, Music: Most music (not much of a country fan) Here is what I am about: I am here to develop great relationships across the globe. I m not interested in pitching, Real Estate, or Pyramid Schemes. I work and drive allot through the Central Valley of California so there are long drives while serving my clients I can be on clubhouse to fill in. I m not interested in sorting people out. I enjoy tech talks, industry innovations, people who don’t need to prove anything, or brag on how much they have. I enjoy encouraging others to achieve their dreams & goals. Topics of my interest: Podcasting / Content Creation Philosophy Business Web3 YouTube development Well if you have gotten this far in my profile. I ll keep it simple. I don’t follow everyone. I routinely clean up my following list. Nothing personal but I like to flow in good conversations, and I don’t take things too personal. I have few clubs and one house. I treat people with Respect, and I listen more than I speak. 🇺🇸 Navy Vet I’m a hero some days and a villain other days. And I’m done speaking. There’s your bio