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Barrington D. Ross




Original Writer of “Barbershop” & “Shark Tale” 🦈 Fighter 💣 Lover ❤️ Storyteller 🎥 Trader 💰 Baller 🏀 Gambler 🎲 Props Major 🎤🔥 Pescatarian 🐠 Traveler 🌍 Comic 🎭 Steelers 🏈 FB/Google Ads Manager 📈 Guitar Player🎸 Disclaimer to Haters: Yes, I wrote the original script for Barbershop, it was entitled Perfect Cuts. Also, wrote the premise of Shark Tale, which was called Mafia Misfits. Not on Imdb, never received credits, that’s why I’m here to inform and educate writers on protecting their IP. Check out my book 👇🏽 for more details, or ping me for a chat.🚨 Sound Cloud: Props Major 🎤🔥 💼 🎥Currently filming “40 Confessions” One Man Interactive Stage Show 🎭 🎞 Pilot: “Wheels UpTV” - YouTube 🎞Pilot: “Cookin With Lenny” - Vimeo 🎞Pilot: “The Loft Style” - Vimeo ♣️Fun Fact: Met Diana Ross, tried to convince her we were cousins, turns out we might be! ⚔️ Founder of Wu Tang 4 Ever Club 🎙 ⚖️ Advocate 4 Screenwriters Protecting IP 🙌🏽 ✳️Clubhouse Moderator✳️ Follow = Follow Back ✅