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Yu Ikeda




忍者・忍術研究、薬草・毒草・食草・雑草・園芸・観葉植物・無患子・草蘇鉄・信濃柿・華道、香道、書道、伊賀郷土史、伊賀の国地名研究、交野、京都、木津川、琵琶湖疎水、星、諺、言語、英語、外山滋比古先生、谷川健一先生、沢村甚三郎、ロンドン、マンチェスター、リバプール、ブライトン、マイアミ 、高雄、ムンバイ、リーズ、エジンバラ beer, wine, whisky Ninjalogist, Biologists, Folklore I live in Iga where Ninja were born. 三重県伊賀在住 I have been studying in ninja, languages and plants, especially proverbs In both English and Japanese. They have made me much better! As for ninja, I have been living in Iga for 25 years. I have had ninja talk in many countries. In particular I have been to the U.K. 8 times. I can make myself understood in English. All you have to do is to try to think of everything in a positive way and make every effort to improve your ability. Never give up even if you find it too difficult. Things will get better. “Ninja Textbook” 『忍者の教科書』〔笠間書院) 『忍者の教科書2』(笠間書院) イギリス🇬🇧 スコットランド🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿