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28 COE “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur” the platform for world entrepreneurs which ought to run across the countries globally. The only objective is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to #connect, #brand #network and #leverage. 28 COE works to make healthier start that creates more entrepreneurs, educate individuals accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth and create #ecosystems that leads to cross border collaboration and initiatives between investors, policymakers, researchers and #entrepreneurialsupportorganizations. 28 COE are the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. #28COE also encourages our members to become mentors to young #Kidpreneur and #Teenpreneur who aspire to realize their potential in business and professionally. #MISSION is to cover those untold success stories. #VISION is to provide exceptional service and VAS to fellow entrepreneurs. To sum up, 28 COE is a dynamic organization that is supported through partnerships in the #globalcommunity. Regards BILAL (#28CoeTeam) #CredentialsOfEntrepreneur