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James Sherwin-Smith




🧮Fintech 💸Payments 😇Angel investor 🏗Startup advisor 😇 Founder of - angel investor-advisor syndicate ✳️ Founder of the @FintechPayments & Payments Club on Clubhouse - 50,000 members, growing every day - the #1 Club for both fintech and payments topics. Please follow my team mates: @jasuja @franksy @sophieguibaud 🌐 FintechAndPayments.Club 📬 [email protected] 🔴🟠 SVP, Real Time Payments, Mastercard (views shared here are mine and not those of my employer) 🟦 Investor in ✈️ Avgeek 👨‍✈️ Private pilot 🏏 Cricket fan 🇬🇧 UK mostly 🎓 Engineering, Economics & Management, University of Oxford 🧻 My DMs are OPEN on both 👇Twitter & 👇Instagram