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💅🏾Your Philly Friend Who Host Curates Five Star Walking Tours, Afrobeat Wellness Sessions, and Soul Food Tours to Amplify Black Culture, Communities & Connections for Locals & Visitors Since 2018💅🏾🌃 Philly Experiences Are Perfect for: 🌟Schools ⭐Families 🌟Individuals 🌟Nonprofits 🌟Universities 🌟Team Bonding 🌟Conventions 🌟Conferences 🎉BONUS🎉... 100% Of Our Partners, Vendors and Service Providers Are Black, Local And/Or LGBTQIA+ Owned Which Keeps the Dollars In Our Communities Longer 👉🏾Click the link in our IG bio (phillyexperiences) to: 🕵🏽 Read over 300+ Five Star Reviews 👀 Schedule A Complimentary Discovery Call to Assist You Plan Your Philly Visit 🌱 Book Your Philly Experience ___________ ✍🏽FEATURED: ▪️ TravelNoire ▪️ Black Voyageurs ▪️ PHLCVB Newsletter ...and more! ___________ ✨CLUBHOUSE INTENTIONS✨ * Network /Collab * Speak life into others * Gain brand awareness + sponsorships * Learn industry tips & trends * Connect with authentic humans *Grow as a human and entrepreneur * Help the world become a better place TUHHHHDDAYYY ______ Now booking interviews to discuss: ✊🏾 Black Community Building 🤑 Airbnb Experiences Hosting 💜 Being A Dope Girl Mom 🌻 Nanny + Foster Care + CASA Volunteering 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA Community Building 👉🏾 Being Black in Tourism ☺ Cultural Tourism 🎙 Ethical Tourism 💚 Sustainable Tourism 🗣 Sex Positive Conversations Or My Past/Current Growth👇🏾 Depression, Gentrification, Sexual Assault, Multiple Suicide Attempts, & Homelessness Survivor Still Healing through Inner Child Wounds, PTSD, Codependency & Anxiety with Meditation, Hood Experiences, Celebrating Life, Affirmations, Conversations, Twerking & Therapy ___________________________ 🌱 All press/media inquiries, speaking/cohost requests, mentor, and sponsorship opportunities are welcome to contact us at info@phillyexperiences.