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Toni McLelland MSc




🔸Distributor of. #TonisFairyDust🔸 🔸Critical Friend🔸Business Mentor 🔸Accountability Partner 🔸 🔸Crisis Navigator🔸 Founder of The Compassionate Series -Business & Leadership. Using compassion & DEIB approaches to navigate crisis. 30 years of experience as a business specialist in #SocialImpact #SocialJustice #SocialImpact #SocialCapital space with Global clients-🇬🇧 UK based ——————————————— Working with boards & C Suite specifically in these sectors to:- 🔸Bring Compassion to leadership 🔸Navigate challenges & change🔥 🔸Develop a 0-6 figure start up 💰 🔸Secure your next C-Suite role🎯 🔸Embed DEI practices that underpin all strategic & operational delivery ( DEI veteran) ———————————————— Specialist knowledge includes:- DEI, Phycology, Human Behaviour & Learning, Applied Criminology, Young People👭, Policing, Criminal & Youth Justice, Care, Special Education, Safeguarding & services for all Vulnerable| Discriminated Groups👨‍🦽👩🏼‍🦯🧍🏼‍♀️🌈 Worked on critical incidents such as : Stephen Lawrence enquiry| Trident |Grenfell |London riots | Peace week ———————————————— 📌Storyteller - lots of experience= lots of stories 📚 ⚠️Warning-Services with a smile giving #TonisFairyDust & inspiration to empower others 🔸18 years MOJ & Home Office 🔸EMEA Lead #HumansFirst hosting global conversations🗣 ♣️🏠Accomplished Moderator - open to collaboration if values are aligned Systems thinker |Netball queen 🏐| ❤️Lover of :-shoes 👠| handbags👜laughter 🤣| music 💃|people👥|Life 🌐 connect on LinkedIn 📧[email protected] 🌍 ☎️ +44(0)203 504 0250