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I speak to TRUTH TO POWER as a GLOBAL POLYMATHIC THOUGHT LEADER, I create concepts that shift the culture and build institutions . I’ve Built 7 figure businesses in the health, wealth , education , content & Luxury design space. Creator of the crownz. Want to learn blockchain , NFT’s , crypto currency? Co- founder of Master Mind groups such as : The Shifters , Block World Order, infinite wealth strategies and Power Circle My company Goldewater specializes in High end nootropics , minerals, colloidal gold and plant medicine My campaign is around the world teaching mindset & skillset so our people can “Do for self” and be very dangerous ! We teach everything they didn’t want us to know !! Currently spreading NFTS keys Join the “infinite ” join course (323) 577-6692 FAMILY CEO. @crownzsociety @goldewater • @crownz19 @thewealthstrategies_ @19_keys@blockworldorder