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Steve Dorsey




Founder: 1906 Edutainment Studios. Superhero STEAM Education Entertainment products developed for: Medical Science (The Guardians of Acure) Earth/climate science (The E-5) World History (Archives of Dr. Historii) African History (Rise of the Kandake) Nanotechnology (Guardians of Acure) Periodic table of elements (Powers of Elementuus) All superhero/supervillain powers are based on scientific, medical and historic facts. STEAM Classroom Educational Enhancement. VR Gaming Design/Development Animated & Feature Film Works Digital Comic Books Presently in use by: Schools (grades 3-12 to higher education) Homeschooling Content Hospitals Youth Organizations General public Website: Email: [email protected] Trained as an architect to design for building environments, I now design for the cerebral landscape in all of us. šŸŽ“ Univ of Washington - Seattle BA Architecture šŸŽ“ Univ of California Berkeley MA Architecture šŸ“ Bay Area Based in California | United States